Weather Related School Closings or Delays

Our core values include being student-centered. The safety of all students and of our staff is our top priority when decisions are made about whether schools should be closed, delayed or dismissed early because of inclement, severe or winter weather.

When bad weather targets our area, WS/FCS Operations works with the National Weather Service, Forsyth County Emergency Management and other local public safety officials to monitor the weather and its potential impact on the community. We must be prepared should extreme natural events pose a threat to student and staff safety. 

As with any inclement weather situation, we encourage parents and staff to answer and listen to all phone calls and check text messages sent by the district. Staff and parents can also download the district mobile app for push notifications, and should check our website and social media channels for any closing, delay, or cancelation information. All information will be posted and communicated via those channels, first, then communicated with local news media. 

Individual schools will contact parents directly about any changes to school field trips, extracurricular activities, and athletic events or activities, but if the district is closed, then all trips are canceled.

School closings or delays will ALWAYS be announced by the district via phone, text, and email.  District websites, social media pages, and the district mobile app will also display the information as soon as any decision is made. If there is no communication via these official channels, it is safe to assume the schedule for the upcoming day remains unchanged. 

Parents needing to update contact information should contact their school Data Manager.

How do I find out if WS/FCS is closed, delayed, or being moved to remote learning?

  • WS/FCS tries to make the decision to close or delay school as early as possible to make planning easier for families and staff. When possible, district leaders make the decision the day before. As soon as any decision is made, the district will let families and employees know:

    • by an automated phone call (make sure your contact info is up-to-date in PowerSchool via your school's Data Manager)

    • by a district email sent to parent email addresses listed in PowerSchool and via employee email addresses

    • on our Website

    • on our television station, Cable 2 (seen on Spectrum's channel 2 or via the link on the WS/FCS Cable 2 webpage)

    • on our Twitter feed

    • on our Facebook page

    • on our Instagram site

    • Via mobile alert using the WS/FCS Mobile App which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play 

    • Local television stations and newspapers.

Weather FAQ's

The website will also be updated to show any cancellations of afterschool or weekend activities. Look for the "Pop-Up Alerts" when you visit the website for those updates or your check the individual school pages.

Did you know?
WS/FCS has missed an average of just under 4 days a year because of bad weather each year since 1963. The most days missed was 12 in 1995-96.
Take a look at this chart, it has a list of all days missed because of bad weather since the city and county school systems merged in 1963.